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校園大奶頭 Vol. 14 LEE-1007


"Mean Teacher Fucks Her Former Student" Johnny, now a wealthy pharmaceutical chemist, makes a surprise visit to his old teacher Mrs. Rae. She shows him that when he's on her turf, she can do as she pleases, and today she pleases to get her pussy fucked. "Parent Teacher Cunt-ference" TJ's in trouble with Miss Ventura, the school disciplinary teacher. His brother Xander comes to pick him up and to discuss what could be done about his current situation. Miss Ventura gives into the Xander Corvus family charm and really lets loose. "Bra Presentation" Madelyn has decided to show her class the different bras that are being made today. Her teacher knows the message she's actually sending. A Latina girl like her needs a good fuck because that's all she ever wants. "Pay Attention To My Cock!" While text messaging her friend about how much she wants to fuck Johnny, he catches her and confiscates her phone. At his desk he goes through her phone and finds out why she can't concentrate and gives her something to concentrate on. "The Superintendent Is Cumming" Principal Stern gets Kieran into her office to offer him diplomacy. Kieran is not satisfied with the offer, he needs to play with the hot principal's tits, as she is in a bad situation she gives in to his demands and starts enjoying herself till the superintendent cums in. Bonus Scene with Amber Ashlee



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